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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  February 17, 2013 9:00pm-9:40pm CST

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replays of jesse jackson jr.. one of the democratic favorites in the primary says she is dropping out of the race >> good evening >> live with tonight's top story... >> her campaign is over with a little over a week to go before the primaries... >> volunteers working the
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phones at robin kelly's campaign headquarters.. the former state rep on a political upswing.. as the crowded field of candidates in the second district is now minus another one. "robin is a friend, and has captured momentum in pulling our community together... state senator toi hutchinson saying in a written "i am simply unwilling to risk playing a role going forward that could result in dividing our community at a time when we need unity more than ever." she just felt it was he right thing to do... so hutchinson is out of the race.. though she didn't give many details why. a recent report revealed she had paid her mother as a campaign consultant... then there's the attack ads...targeting hutchinson and former congresswoman debbie halvorson.. both earned an a from the nra.. with gun control a central issue.. kelly picked up the deep- pocketed endorsement of new york mayor michael bloomberg. the ads paid for by his super political action committee...
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and that has kelly's opponents crying foul. i don't know him..never talked to him. we are letting a billionaire decide.. chicago alderman anthony beale at a press conference saying he's been asked to drop out too..but he won't. the seat was left empty when jesse jackson junior resigned... he's now facing federal charges. halvorson ...ran against jackson in last march's primary... she says the latest shakeup in the an attempt to stymie her support. back room dealing...voters deserve better... who gains the most? it depends
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who tyouyou ask... >> tomorrow we will be taking a closer look at the second district race. we will bring you their views on the issues important to the district. be sure to tune in at 6:00 p.m. tomorrow on cltv... >> it has been 10 years and sends a deadly stampede at the nightclub that claimed 21 lives. many of the victims' families are still seeking justice. the case remains unresolved in the courts. we spoke with some of the victims' relatives as they marked the anniversary >> plant her husband's favorite
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song stands over a cross... >> he was a family guy... all he worried about was his children >> there were more than 1500 partygoers on february 17 2003... a stampede of people went scrambling down a narrow stairwell... a massive pile of people were trampled and trapped on top of each other... 21 people died, dozens injured. >> i was really sad because i did not really get to know him
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>> the overcrowded club should have had an occupancy of only 240 people... the infamous club has remained vacant since the tragedy... the club's owners were found guilty... the verdicts were reversed on repeal... >> balloons released overnight at the exact time of the deadly stampede in honor of the 21 victims... she says she will never forget her husband... >> he will be dearly missed >> the supreme court is currently reviewing their
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appeal... >> those a white wooden crosses outside the former nightclub will remain there at least for a few days. relatives and friends came throughout the day to pay their respects and to share their memories in their grief. the pastor of the new beginnings church also stopped by to pay his respects in and hold a prayer vigil. the tragedy for many families is impossible to forget. the vigil today ended with the releasing of balloons in memory of the 21 who died 10 years ago >> a southwest side man has been cited for misdemeanor d-u-i and other violations.. after an accident that injured two chicago police officers. it happened last night in the 75 hundred block of south western.. where a car crashed into the rear of an unmarked squad car. the driver, 47-year-old christopher slotwinski, and the two officers in the squad car
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were all taken to christ medical center in oak lawn. slotwinski was cited for reckless driving, having no insurance, speeding too fast for conditions, misdemeanor d-u- i, and driving on a suspended license. twisted metal... that is all that is left of at least one car involved in a three crash on the north side. it happened early this morning. one car ended up on its side. another plowed into an iron fence. the force of the crash caused the engine of one car to fly down the street. no details on what caused the crash >> a family is in mourning after a chicago teen was gunned down in the northwest suburbs. next, police say the young woman was not the target. also, a wedding show with a bit of politics in mind.
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why exibitors are urging lawmakers to take action on same sex marriage. and later, meet chicago's new saint patrick's day parade queen. it looks like it will be an active weather week in chicago... i will have details still ahead... break [ roasting firewood ] ♪ ♪ many hot dogs are within you. try pepto-bismol to-go it's the power of pepto but it fits in your pocket. now tell the world daniel... of pepto-bismol to-go.
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how do you get your bounce? i use bounce outdoor fresh sheets because they're just that much fresher and they help keep static off in the cold so my clothes will never embarrass me. mommy, i dressed the snowman! how do you get your bounce? less static year-round. county state's attorney's office are talking with two
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persons of interest about the murder of a chicago teenager. she was shot to death friday night... emm\ >> 18 year old janay mcfarlane had an easy smile... and the personality that attracted friends.. shes always fun-loving. people always want to be around her. just because she is that crazy person that she is. from inside her gresham home sunday, janays mother, angela blakley told me her daughter... a high school senior... was in the wrong place, at the wrong time. shot in the head friday night while visiting friends in suburban north chicago. she was not the intended target. hey chicago... (cheers) just a few hours before janays death, her 14 year old sister sat behind president obama at her high school, while he talked about gun violence and the murder of hadiya pendelton, a death which janay took personally. me and janay talked about life and death all the time.. like
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mama.. i just dont understand it. its so sad. she would see the parents on tv crying and be like 'mama, i dont understand... i never in my wildest dreams thought theyd be talking to me about my own daughter being gunned down. janay had a three month old baby boy... and talked often about going to culinary school after graduating in june and about making a difference . its a difference which will now have to be carried on by others. all the children who are doing positive things.. these are the children who are being killed... who want to do something with their life. who want to be a positive role model.. and its upsetting, its heartbreaking, its upsetting. and it makes no sense. it makes no sense at all sean lewis, wgn news. the governor is calling for a
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comprehensive approach to stopping violence in and protect chicago's neighborhoods. on a visit today to the fellowship missionary baptist church the governor a bill to his stand on strict gun control. it is a message he brought home during his state of the state address. he said creating jobs would help. he also backed president obama's call for an increase in the minimum wage and his call for increased gun-control >> we're going to make sure that we have these it work and decent health care for the people of illinois and the people of america >> the governor awarded the church a proclamation marking one day in february as fellowship missionary baptist church a day in recognition of its service >> protesters gathered in grant park today to oppose a proposed oil pipeline from canada. the rally was one of several held throughout the nation, including washington, d.c.
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the keystone x-l pipeline would carry oil sands from canada through the great plains to u.s. refineries. environmentalists strongly oppose the project... one scientist calling it "game over" for the planet. supporters say it will create thousands of jobs and decrease u.s. dependency on oil from other, less friendly nations. 60 thousand marriage licenses are issued each year in the chicago area.. and some prospective brides and grooms got a look at the latest in wedding fashions and trends today. the "windy city wedding show" was held at carnivale restaurant. bridal salons, formal wear companies, travel agencies and wedding planners were among those exhibiting at the event. the wedding show was held just days after the state senate approved a bill that would allow same sex marriage in illinois.
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we are really celebrating a huge triumph... they have been working really hard to make this happen for everybody >> the same-sex marriage bill now moves on to the house aware is expected to face a tougher fight >> the new watch-word in washington is "sequester". next, lawmakers weigh in on the looming manditor spending cuts that will take place if a deal isn't reached. also, pope benedict the 16th hosts one of his final public prayer services. break
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almost anywhere. new febreze stick & refresh. breathe happy. less than two months after a last-minute agreement kept the nation from going over the fiscal cliff.. a set of massive spending cuts known as the "sequester" is looming. the across-the-board cuts are due to take effect on march first. they're the first step in reducing the deficit by one - point -two trillion dollars over the next decade. they were orginally supposed to be triggered at the beginning of the year, but congress postponed the cuts by two months. now, republican senator john barrasso says the country should be prepared for the sequester to kick in. democrats like senator jack reed are trying to avert that.. proposing a measure last week to once again delay the cuts.
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we have to get back to a balanced and i think the american people understand that >> this is just a first of 10 years of cuts >> during his reelection campaign president obama valid that it will not happen in an earlier this month he called on congress to pass a short-term measure to put off the cuts >> a huge crowd packed saint peter's square at the vatican to hear one of pope benedict's final sunday prayer services. an estimated 50 thousand people turned out to see the 85-year old pontiff, who is stepping down, citing the frailty of old age. the pope thanked followers for their support. he addressed the crowd in several languages... then, in spanish, asked the faithful to continue praying for him -- and for the next pope.
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a conclave of cardinals will choose a new pope, possibly in time for easter. chicago's francis cardinal george will be among the 147 cardinals in choosing the new pope. he is scheduled to fly to rome to meet with the pope and other cardinals on february 28th >> he asked me about my health... the following monday he resigned >> he also says the cardinals
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elected the new pope through prayer... >> your live illinois lottery drawing is next... after that jim ramsey will be here with the news of a rainy monday and the possibility of some snow later in the week... >> coming up on instant replay... the hawks... college hoops... we will go live to arizona... coming up at
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and rain. quiet at this hour. it was cold out there today... but we had it clear skiesclear skies. the high- temperature today was 30 degrees. we will make it to about 45 degrees tomorrow... it will not last. there is a warm front coming at us from the south. the wind chill is in the
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teens in many spots... between 10 and 20 mi. per hour. the purple areas have wind gusts of 30 plus miles per hour. look at the radar... we're seeing some rain rain snow mixed... we will continue to cloud the overnighcloudy
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overnight... here comes the rain tomorrow afternoon... tonight... winds grow stronger... monday... blustery day periods of rain, temps in the 40s... monday night... could see some snow showers tuesday... 7 day forecast... next storm on thursday...
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>> chicagos in chinatowchinatown was the place to be today. next a look at one of the city's most impr sup homies?! ready in a minute
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a big honor for wgn and our own nancy loo, who served as grand marshall of the lunar new year parade in chinatown. the party stepped off at 24th and wentworth. and while it is the year of the snake, as is typical at the parade -- there were several dragons. that's because in ancient china, dragons were honored for being wise and caring. the parade celebrated the chinese new year and the 101st anniversary of the founding of chinatown. president obama's an avid golfer.. and today, he teed off for a round with tiger woods. the president is on a three- day golf getaway in florida.. while first lady michelle obama and their daughters, sasha and malia, are skiing in colorado. the president and woods played together for the first time today at a club in palm city.
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woods is currently ranked number two in the world. yesterday, the president got some instructional tips from woods' former swing coach, butch harmon. it is a good day to be bruce willis... >> his latest action thriller ... a good day to die hard... was the number-one movie earning $25 million. it is expected to approach 40 million when presidents day weekend ticket sales are told up tomorrow. here are some of the other box office winners...
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